Travel blog with culinary focus.

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We like to discover new places and flavours. That’s why our travels consist of talking about food. For us eating local food is an essential part of discovering different places and culture. We’re greedy foodies too. Whether a street market, a restaurant or snack sold on a train, we want to taste a bit of everything.

When we return from our travel, we try out recipes, to take some of those experiences with us.

Our plan is to travel the world. Luckily our jobs make this possible. After almost eight years in Brussels, we landed in São Paulo. Where to after that? Who knows.

And who exactly are we?

Karmen, a writer, and Thomas, a policy geek with love for history and all things culture.

Our next adventure is never more than a suitcase away. Follow our Instagram for regular updates on food & travel (we’re not fans of selfies though) or get in touch via email.

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