I found out about this town in an airplane magazine and for some reason it stuck to my mind. It's also a name of my favorite Berlin brunch place, so we gave it a go and weren't disappointed. It is a slightly remote but completely worth visiting. Not very big on cultural sights, Datça is charming and perfect to relax by the sea, discover many beautiful beaches around the town and enjoy delicious food in local restaurants.

Still uncorrupted by big hotel complexes, Datça mostly lives on family tourism, crafts and fishing. The first evening there we've met Özgül, who convinced us to dine in his restaurant. He assured us he makes the best octopus salad we've ever eaten, but we haven't thought much of it until we tried it. He wasn't kidding and we've ordered seconds. It was the best octopus salad ever.

The good part about the city is that it's fairly easy to eat well. In the evenings, restaurants would extend their terraces to the beach and allow you to eat only a few meters away from the sea. We were especially impressed with their baked halva and fish dishes.

Not far from the existing town is old Datça, the original village that is now transformed into a cute arts and crafts market where local women sell different products.

Old town : original Datça

Though town beaches aren't the best one you'll find (and they're often crowded), the surroundings are much more promissing.


The most beautiful beaches are only a few kilometers away. Most of them belong to hotels, but they let us use them as long as we ordered some of their food and drinks. It was the best lemonade I've ever had.

The perfect beach

What else is there to say about Datça? This small town has personality. And though it isn't easy to reach but it definitely made it to our "visit again" list.