Sti Fadma

I fell in love with this tiny Berber village in the mountains, only two hours away from Marrakech. Known for being one big cooperative, mostly living out of Argan oil products and tourism. Try food in one of many restaurants by the river. I had the best veggie tajine ever. And don't forget to visit one of the many cooperatives and show your support. It's as close to a fair trade as you will get and they are a much-needed change from pushy merchants of Marrakech.

Sti Fadma

The village is located close to waterfalls, where locals will willingly take you for a fair price. Don't be fooled, it's not an easy straightforward way (thank you very much Rought Guide) and if you're wearing a flip-flops , then it's maybe better to skip this one.


Female Argan Cooperative seemed happy to welcome us and explain what they do and how. Their shop is well stocked with all sorts of argan products (mostly cosmetics), much hyped in the West for the past few years.

Female Argan Cooperative

Local restaurants have much to offer appart from heartwarming hospitality. We found their food much better than in Marrakech. Sti Fadma was one of the highlights of our time in Morocco (minus the ride to get there).

Restaurants at the riverside


Lovely town by the sea, known for its art market and delicious pancakes. One day trip is enough to experience the city but barely enough to explore it. It's a must - this charming little town with its relaxed atmosphere left a big impression and a taste for more.

Tea time

Unlike Marrakech, Essaouira is relaxed and arty.

Art Market

Local shops

You might want to try some of their local fish specialities or pancakes.  Essaouira is definitely a town to return to for longer.