While it's easy to get a feeling of being big in Japan for anyone who is 1,6m tall, there are also some things that are super big. Here are three from my "Big" tour.

1. Shinjuku, world's busiest metro station

It's really huge and feels almost liker walking through a small underground city. Shops, restaurants and cafees from which you can observe endless streams of travellers, passing through long corridors. Walking through the station can easily give you that "lost in the Twilight zone" feeling. Luckily there are enough signs and maps to get around.

Shinjuku station

2. Biggest camera shop in the world

To be completely honest this one was a bit disappointing. First of all, it didn't seem big at all and secondly the setting seemed utterly unintuitive and unattractive. Think 80's building store that hijacked few nearby buildings. Not sexy at all, so no photos.

3. Shibuya: World's largest pedestrian crossing

Even if you're not into big things, you will definitely want to check out Shibuya. When the green light for pedestrians starts (simultaneously on all the sides of road) and hundreds of people start moving into all four directions, you can't help being utterly amazed. It's really an experience.

 Shibuya, world's largest pedestrian crossing

Shibuya, world's largest pedestrian crossing

What was your biggest ever experience on travels?